LxB Connect Platform

28th April 2021,  Kathmandu

Laxmi Bank has launched LxB Connect – an API Developer Platform in Nepal. The bank Is using API Banking as a party to its strategy to increase the use of digital technology

For this, this bank has released an invitation to fintech, startups, developers to be Partners.

Fintech, startups, and developers will be able to offer a range of digital services.  To the bank’s shared customers in their respective areas as a result of this collaboration.

Under the LxB Connect Sandbox framework, interested partners will be able to incorporate. And use the bank’s API-related functions in terms of banking services and systems.

Laxmi Bank will have API access in three different categories:

Account Management:

It entails the creation of a customer portfolio, as well as the opening and management of accounts.


Beneficiary Management, Money Transfer, Bill Payment, Recurring Payment, Remittance Payment, Salary Payment, Settlement, and Other Financial Services.


Exchange rate, branch and ATM details, authentication, reconciliation, and statement, among other things.

About Bank

Laxmi Bank was established in 2002, has 129 branches, 5 hospital counters, 158 ATMs with over 2500 remittances, 61 branches with banking, and over 400 mobile agents.

Bank provides a complete range of products, services, and technology-driven digital offerings, catering to Individuals, MSMEs as well as corporate clients.


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