NMB Contactless Card

29th April 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Merchant Banking and Financial limited is a commercial bank in Nepal, licensed by the Central bank of Nepal with 163 branches across the nation which has received the prestigious award “BANK OF THE YEAR” for the third time in four years.

NMB Bank has issued a contactless card to pay bus fares. Considering the current situation and the need for security, the bank has issued a contactless card.

The bank, which has been providing various banking services including accounts through Omni Channel, has agreed to cooperate with Fintech International to provide security from COVID as well as to build a cashless society.

The bus fare will be calculated automatically based on the distance covered by the passenger from the card and the fare can be paid through a contactless card.

Similar payment systems are being used in cities around the world. The bank has started this service with the objective of making it easier for the customers to pay the bus fare in the current adverse conditions.

At present, this facility is being provided in 20 buses of Joint Transport and Fisheries Capital and the bank is making efforts to provide this facility in collaboration with various other bus operators.

This initiation will lead the society towards a cashless society and will also be really helpful for the citizens as well as the bus operators. It is even a preventive measure considering the current situation of COVID.


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