Malicious COVID-19 Vaccine

17th May 2021, Kathmandu

Malicious COVID-19 vaccine SMS that includes Android phones spreading: Cyber agency. With people facing to book vaccination place in India, a new message which claims to provide registration by way of an app is in circulation. It turns out that the message is not legal and comes with a malicious link. If you click on the link, a very harmful app, particularly for Android users, gets downloaded to your device. The institute of Cybersecurity in India has issued a warning about the same. That message is being transmitted by cybercriminals has been found in five variants.

Warning citizens regarding the same, the Indian (Computer Emergency Response Team) CERT-In said in an advisory. The SMS carries a link that installs the malicious app on Android around devices that essentially roll out itself via SMS to victims’ contacts.

A short time ago, it was described that a fake message that is in circulation claims to let client register for the COVID-19 vaccine in India through an app. still the so-called app is basically malware; they get installed in your device automatically if you click on the link that is provided with the message.

The attackers have made the message look convincing and used the perfect time and chance to mislead the users. Rapidly, malware researcher Luke Stefanko had tweeted over the malicious message that has been doing the rounds in India. SMS worm impersonates Covid-19 vaccine registration free. The researcher had informed users that the worm app gets installed in a user’s phone and spreads itself via the user’s contact list. The app or malware is also able to gain illegal access to a person’s sensitive information.


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