29th April 2021, Kathmandu

NIC Asia Bank has introduced a very useful ‘Quick Pay’ service for the very first time in Nepal. Through these services, now small and medium enterprises can take digital payments from the link without any API integration.

Leading the way in providing state-of-the-art online payment services. The NIC Asia Bank has been making significant contributions to the country’s digital business.

This service targets those who are promoting their business in small and medium-scale enterprises. The seller can receive payment easily and securely by sending the payment link to the buyer using the bank’s ‘Quick Pay’ service.

Businesses who wish to use the bank’s Quick Pay service can contact the bank after making an agreement with the bank. The bank will provide them with a platform from which they can submit payment links to their customers. You can send payment links to your customers through emails, SMS, and social network messenger app.

Customers will be able to make instant payments from any place and at any time via card, mobile banking, and internet banking. By simply clicking on the connection obtained on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

E-commerce firms that are not associated with the online payment service will be able to accept Quick Pay payments, as will businessmen doing business offline, in order to lead the country into a digital business.

The bank believes that by serving as a dynamic bridge between online and offline payments. This service can play an important role in advancing digital business to new heights.

The introduction of this quick pay service will aid in the promotion of digital payments in the country. As the bank already provides digital transactions through card-based online payment gateway CyberSource, NIC Asia Mobank, and other online payments.

The bank anticipates that the Quick Pay service will be extremely secure and reliable, as digital transactions. Rather than cash transactions are preferable to limiting the spread of the coronavirus, which is currently sweeping the nation.


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