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5th June 2021, Kathmandu


DishHome is a DTH service provider in Nepal. Dish Media Network Ltd. operates it. It was formed in 2010 after a merger between two DTH providers, the Home TV and Dish Nepal.

Nepal’s net marketplace witnessed a large displacement successful the equilibrium after CG Communications introduced CG Net.

DishHome has announced 10 Mbps and 25 Mbps FiberNet plans astatine minimal outgo for customers who subscribe to their Lifestyle HD Package.

The company’s journey began as a satellite television provider. However, recently the company expanded into the ISP industry in Nepal. As part of a combo deal, DishHome is offering 25 Mbps internet for just Rs. 233 a month, as well as it is also offering a free 10 Mbps FTTH connection.

Previously, Dish Home could not carry out its plan because of the Corona Virus Outbreak, and their project was also in halt. This is one of the challenges of ISPs in this pandemic period.

Now, the company provides Internet services inside Kathmandu valley and more cities through Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology and plans to bring internet based on satellite.

These offers only available to the subscribers of DidhHome’s Lifestyle HD  package.

About Subscription

As the Lifestyle HD package costs Rs. 600 per month where 10 Mbps internet is bundled for free. The yearly subscription costs Rs. 7200 and about the satellite TV package itself. You will get 62 HD and 138 SD channels.

Similarly, if you add Rs. 233 per month to the Lifestyle HD bundle, you can enjoy an increased bandwidth to 25 Mbps.

DishHome Fiber Internet Packages in Nepal

Dish Home has announced six fiber internet packages; 25 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 40 Mbps, 60 Mbps, 80 Mbps, and 100 Mbps. Furthermore, you can also subscribe to any of these packages monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and annual basis. Existing Dish Home and SimTV users are mostly benefited because of some discount on the annual subscription. And they also get Dish Home TV for free if you subscribe to fiber-net for your home. They also have different internet plans for corporate offices as well. But the corporate office should be registered under PAN or VAT.

DishHome Fiber Internet Packages Price in Nepal

Dish Home Fiber Internet Packages Price in Nepal is listed below, which is exclusive of government taxes. However, Drop Wire costs extra Rs. 500, and Fiber Router Rental is Rs. 1,000. But you will also get Rs. 500 Refundable Deposit and Installation charge is absolutely Free. Plus, if you go for an annual or 12 Months Plan to say, Drop Wire will be Free of charge. Before, there were separate plans for Residential and Commercial purposes, but now Dish Home has merged both plans to make it one.

Dish Home Fiber Internet Package price list:

DishHome Fiber Internet package

1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

25 Mbps Rs.1,100 Rs.3000 Rs.5,500 Rs.10,000
30 Mbps Rs.1,250 Rs.3,400 Rs.6,300 Rs.11,500
40  Mbps Rs.1,500 Rs.4,200 Rs.7,800 Rs.14,500
60  Mbps Rs.1,750 Rs.4,850 Rs.9,300 Rs.17,500
80 Mbps Rs.2,000 Rs.5,500 Rs.10,500 Rs.20,000
100 Mbps Rs.2,200 Rs.6,000 Rs.11,400 Rs.22,000


Recently, the company has rolled out an offer that Brings 25 Mbps Fiber-Net at just Rs. 233. This offer is refined to rival the new CG Net’s 120 Mbps internet. This great offer from Dish Home now will allow everyone to access the next-gen fast fiber internet experience of 25 Mbps at just Rs. 233. Therefore, the offer is currently hailed as the most affordable cost in Nepal for Fiber internet.

However, to benefit from this offer, you will need to have Dish Home services already installed in your home. Plus, this offer is exclusively for Dish Home’s premium customers. Also, it would help if you had a Lifestyle HD Package subscription to be eligible to use this offer.


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