Cynical Technology

06 April 2020, Kathmandu

Google Vulnerability Research Grant Bestowed To Cynical Technology: A Cyber Security Company Based In Kathmandu, Nepal. With the increasing number of cyber breaches and hacking in Nepal. Information Security has become a core area of concern. The leakage of user’s data is a significant area of interest. Recently a food delivery app service, Foodmandu users data, was compromised due to a security breach. This incident indicates why exactly we need cybersecurity.

In Nepal, there is one company working on this field that has managed to grab global attention. Cynical Technology has become the first-ever company in Nepal to receive a Google Vulnerability Research Grant concerning cybersecurity.

Cynical Technology

The company is a Nepal based cybersecurity startup. They’re a dozen members leadership by Naresh Lamgade, who has been working in the field of information security. They work on finding loopholes in the web portal of other companies. These loopholes are the significant reasons for the web portal hacked and users’ data leaked. Cynical Technology work would also be to help fix those loopholes. Their primary line of work is concerned with VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing).

Since their inception, they’ve achieved the ICT Top 11 Startups of Nepal 2019 Award. And they recently made the Google Vulnerability Research Grant.

Google Vulnerability Research Grant

The Grant they achieved is a project that’s assigned upfront to a particular group that’s contributed to the cybersecurity field. It is a grant handed to people to researching a specific theme. Cynical received a Google Vulnerability Research grant for performing various kinds of security vulnerabilities testing in a particular Google Product. In the Grant, they’re asked to choose a particular Google product to evaluate. They work with that product and report within a specific time frame. After the product is wholly assessed, the final result is sent for review.

Cynical’s next endeavor

Cynical is soon coming up with its cybersecurity product “bugv,” which is Nepal’s Crowdsourced Cyber Security Platform. Bugv was selected for StartVile at Nullcon. The startup is working alongside eSewa, Social Security Funds, and various departments from the Government. They are also working with Google and other international companies.

Their work in securing companies’ data plays a vital role in maintaining the privacy of the users. Every user trusts their application to protect their data, and the companies should also respect their privacy and secure them.

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