Service of Nepal Telecom

9th April 2021, Kathmandu

Managing Director of Nepal Telecom Mr. Dilli Adhikari of Nepal Telecom has urged people not to purchase mobile phones manufactured in India.

Currently, Nepal Telecom is extending its 4G network in many areas. The 4G network uses 800 MHz frequency. But mobile phones manufactured in India do not support the 800 MHz frequency.

India does not use an 800 MHz frequency for its 4G network. So, there no point in buying 4G phones which are made in India.

Except for India, mobile phones made from other countries like china support 800 MHz frequency on their 4G network. So, the telecom director insists on not buying phones made in India.

While purchasing any new phone, you must consider whether the device enabled 800 MHz frequency or not. The best solution is to avoid purchasing any Indian-made phone.


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