NTC Claims Auto Balance Deduction Issue is Now Solved

Nepal Telecom Claims Auto Balance Deduction Issue is Now Solved

15th May 2020, Kathmandu

The issue of balance deduction in NTC surfaced more than a week ago. If you aren’t caught up with the news, please read:

Nepal Telecom Users Concerned with Balance Deduction Issue

Now, it seems like the problem has been solved by Nepal Telecom according to reports. As mentioned in the previous article regarding the issue, we hadn’t faced the balance deduction issue. So, we had to confirm the news from Nepal Telecom itself.

What was the NTC Balance Deduction Issue all about?

A post in social media confirming the deduction of Rs. 0.09 (9 paise) on data usage went trending. Other NTC users jumped aboard and commented on the post confirming that they are too facing the same issue.

We then asked the Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, Dilli Ram Adhikari regarding this issue. This is what he told us:

He also added that a team was researching to find the issue with certain devices. Mr. Adhikari had confirmed that some devices start a session as soon as mobile data is turned on while it may happen during internet browsing in other devices.

So, to confirm the news of the issue fix, we asked Mr. Adhikari for an update. Here is what he has to say:

“Our team at billing and core network departments are monitoring the issue. The problem persisted on some device, not all so I say it is a device-specific or application-specific issue. When our standard configuration doesn’t coincide with the device/application configuration, it could lead to unexpected balance deduction due to data connectivity.

So, we have been monitoring and following the complaints from users to change our configuration. The Operating System (OS) server and user device are two end-points while we are the medium or channel for connectivity. The devices also have certain internal configurations for their OS server to establish a connection when mobile data is active.

I have not received any report of such issues recently but with new devices and application launching in the market, we will make sure to update our configuration continuously.”

Are you still facing balance deduction issues with your device? Let us know if you are still facing the issue!


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